About the Show

The 21st century map of North America is dominated by only three countries. The colourful flags and neat lines on a map hide a bloody truth. That North America is host to not three nations but hundreds. In Canada theses First Nations are the descendants of those who first called North America home. Their forefathers built mighty and complex civilizations from Atlantic to Pacific. Waging war on each other in the name of territory, trade and dominance. Then a new enemy appeared. The first wave landed in the east. Ambitious Norsemen in search of new lands to claim. The aboriginal warriors they met, succeeded where kings and armies across Europe had failed. They met the Vikings in battle and won. Driving the Norsemen away.

Their success spared civilization in the Americas from European meddling for centuries. But the strangers from across the vast eastern ocean would return. This time they would not be turned away. France, Spain, Netherlands and Great Britain. All would lay claim to the Americas. All would fight vicious wars to make these imperial dreams a reality. Not only against each other but the First Nations who had called it home for generations.

The First Nations were forced to make dangerous choices and unlikely allies. Able to use the often naive newcomers against enemies old and new, they charted their own course through an era of disease, violence and earth shaking change.

These are stories of how Aboriginal Warriors helped make the Canada we live in today. How they strove to secure new conquests for their nations. Guarantee lucrative global trading links. Or protect their land and people from a foreign menace. Happy to destroy everything they held dear.

These are Nations at War.